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Managed IT Services


Remote Monitoring and Management

We grow with your business! Our Remote monitoring and management solution offers fast and secure connections to all the managed computers on our platform. This enables you to resolve IT issues in a timely and efficient way completely remotely. You can do this by simply connecting to any active sessions on your remote device. You can interact with the user and share files seamlessly.

Our Remote Monitoring and Management platform provides multiple layers of security—including best-in-class antivirus, web protection, device discovery, network monitoring tools, and backup and recovery—to help protect your business.

Stay connected and productive wherever you go. Fast, easy remote access including file transfer and multi-screen support.

Managed Web Security

Our managed cyber security services are suited to any sized organization, safeguarding from the latest threats and vulnerabilities. We work closely with industry-leading information security and business continuity partners to make sure that we provide the most advanced solutions available.

You can set your own content filtering policies, website blacklists, time and content based browsing policies, that goes beyond enterprise antivirus software and firewalls. You can manage everything from a single, easy to use web-based console.


Software Management

We offer a complete platform for automating software management in a simple and quick manner. We support the following major vendors:

  • Microsoft packages—including Office 365, Exchange, SQL Server, Internet Explorer, and Windows OS
  • Java
  • Adobe products
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple iTunes, Apple Quicktime

Managed Remote Access

One click allows quick, easy, and secure remote access to any server or workstation from our Remote Monitoring & Management platform as if we were sitting right beside you. With our remote access tools, we’ll be in a position to build stronger relationships with your employees, drive more predictability within your business, and boost productivity among your employees all while providing an improved customer experience. We provide faster support, secure connections, unfettered access and streamlined reporting.


Managed Backup and Recovery

Keep your assets safe with our managed backup and recovery process. Your business process continuity will never have a hiccup anymore. Using our services allows you to not only recover files, but also applications and machines. You can relax knowing you’re deploying a simple, predictable, and fast solution which can also be customized to fit your budget. Some of the services we offer are:

  • Virtual disaster recovery
  • Continuous recovery
  • Virtual system support
  • Data archiving

Mobile Device Management

Manage your smartphones and tablets from a single platform. With mobile employees and remote work being the norm, you need to keep your devices secure and our solutions enable you to manage and secure your devices. We offer security, locations tracking, data usage monitoring as well as remote features.